Gutter Protection: How Does It Work?

Oct 09, 2020

Gutters capture water from your roof and channel it away from the house. When gutters aren’t cleaned regularly and get clogged, water flows over the gutter and can mess up landscaping, cause ice damming, and even flood basements. So how do you keep this from happening? Gutter Protection.


The type of gutter protection best for you depends on the types of foliage near your home. Is your yard pretty empty? Or is it surrounded by trees? If you do have trees, what kinds? Depending on the leaves and other yard waste that may come into your gutters, you and your project manager can decide on the right gutter guard for you. Here at Advantage, we offer three different types:


Leaf Defender- curved and corrugated design keeps most typical debris out of gutters.


Leaf Shield- mesh screen and expanded metal protect gutters from maple seeds, oak tassels, and other small debris.


Needle Shield- micro-mesh screen and expanded metal protect from finer debris like pine needles, while also protecting from other typical debris.