How to Choose the Right Shingle

How To Choose the Right Shingle

Choosing a roof is similar to any major home purchase. It is important to research your options, compare your styles and decide if the cost is worth the features and benefits you want. Here are some guidelines to help determine what style and color best suits your personality and your home. Remember, you have to live with the choice the next 20-30 years so, choose wisely.

How to Choose Your Shingle Style

How to Choose Your Shingle Style

The first question to ask yourself is, do I want a roof primarily for function, or also for the aesthetics – to increase the curb appeal of my home? Answering this question will help guide you to the style of shingle appropriate for your home.

  • traditionalTraditional Shingles: Simple Functionality.
    If function is your only concern, then a standard 3-tab shingle may be your answer. Traditional shingles come in a variety of colors, suitable for any home. While they are not as durable, or in some opinion, appealing as dimensional shingles, they are quite economical and will get the job done.
  • Landmark Pro weathered woodDimensional Shingles: Design and Durability.
    Your starting point for a designer shingle is a Dimensional Shingle. Dimensional shingles are made to give the appearance of slate or wood shake. The shingle itself is actually 2 layers of shingle material bonded together giving them a three dimensional appearance. Because of their design they offer more protection from wind and hail, withstanding up to 130mph winds, while also increasing their lifespan an additional 20-30 years over the traditional 3-tab.
  • Carriage House - black pearlLuxury Shingles: Dramatic Curb Appeal.
    A step up from the designer shingle would be a luxury shingle. Luxury shingles create an even more dramatic look while giving the same enhanced protection from the elements. With scalloped corners, deep shadow lines, ornate shapes, or over-sized exposures, they add the maximum amount of curb appeal a shingle has to offer.
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We hope this was helpful information. We have assisted many homeowners in the Cincinnati Tri-State area with choosing shingle colors - We hope to help you do the same. At Advantage Roofing, we believe quality workmanship, blended with excellent service, is the foundation of a successful business and relationship with our customers.