The Advantage Philosophy

A roof is your home’s #1 protection against the elements. Choosing the right contractor can mean the difference between 30 years of carefree use, or continuous out of pocket repairs every time the wind blows.  Let us tell you why we are Cincinnati’s
Trusted, Reliable, and Recommended roofing company.

‘Keep Raising the Bar’…istock_000054497694-sm

is the philosophy woven into how we treat our customers, how we select manufacturers, and how we choose our quality materials. It is a vital part of how we care for our employees and how we make decisions on installations.

My older brother introduced me to the home improvement industry when I was a junior in high school, the summer of 1983. I was brought into the company as a shingle laborer and quickly learned the value of a hard day’s work.  As I moved on into college, the gentleman I worked for took me under his wing and shared not only his knowledge of proper shingle installation, but also gave me a taste of what it takes to run a business.

As I spread my wings and moved to other companies in the industry, I found an eye opening pattern.  Many contactors did just enough to get by. Their workmanship standards were low, they regularly missed appointments, and they treated their own skilled employees with little or no respect, destroying morale. Their customer service was lousy, promises were made and never kept, and they had poor interaction with the homeowners.  I saw this as an opportunity.

I held many different positions in production and sales as I moved through other companies and gained a wealth of knowledge of which I am very thankful. In 2001, I launched my own company, Advantage Roofing. The back bone of the company was then, as it is today, “Keep Raising the Bar.” This philosophy is now woven into how we treat our customers, how we select manufacturers and how we choose our quality materials. It has become a vital part of how we care for our employees and how we make decisions on installations. This philosophy runs all the way down to the thank you cards we send our homeowners.

In my years of experience, I have learned this important point, “cheaper and faster is not always better.” In fact, it is usually not the best choice when it comes to true quality, worry free, no hassle, ‘keep-your-word’ workmanship, which is exactly what most people want. So even today, we keep setting the bar higher knowing quality workmanship and excellent service is the foundation for a successful business and relationship with our homeowners.


“You and your crew did a great job! Your team was very professional & responsive to the customer’s needs even after the job is done & payment is made. Very refreshing & rare these days to find a company & owner that deliver great quality & customer service at a fair price. Outstanding from start to finish!”

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“Your team amazed me with the work they completed on my roof. They showed up early in the morning, were gone before lunch, and left no evidence they had even been at the house, with the exception of a new roof! Thank you again for making the process of getting a new roof as easy and smooth as possible.”

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