It was hard to find a contractor before but, with COVID, its gotta be impossible!- Part 2

Jun 08, 2020

The six feet apart roofing appointment

If the contractor has good reviews, a quality website, and an office space, time to schedule an appointment! When calling to schedule an appointment, a secretary should answer the phone. He/she should be pleasant and happy to help. Being cold on the phone is a huge red flag! This company should want a chance to earn your business. When it comes to the actual meeting, remember these things:


  • Try to meet face to face (at an awkward six feet apart of course!)- A lot can be discovered when meeting a person face to face. Do they seem knowledgeable? Willing to help? It is a lot easier to judge someone’s character, and therefore their company, when meeting in person. With that being said, if you feel uncomfortable meeting in person, let them know! They should be respectful of your wishes and willing to come up with an alternative plan.
  • They should show you the damage- whether this is photos or video, they should be able to show and explain to you specific parts of your roof that are damaged. Vague answers or no explanation beyond “it needs replaced” is a red flag.
  • Have a list of questions- Have some questions prepared, either written or in your head, to ask them. They should be happy to answer any questions you have, and should do so without any annoyance or aggravation. Here are some examples we recommend:
  1. What kind of shingle do you install? (lower quality shingle= lower quality job)
  2. How long has your company been in business?
  3. Is your warranty in writing? How long is it? Is material covered as well?
  4. Can I see before and after pictures from a recent job?
  5. Have you completed jobs in this area before?
  6. After the roof is complete, what does your clean-up process look like?
  7. Will the roof be inspected upon completion? By who?