It was hard to find a contractor before but, with COVID, its gotta be impossible!- Part 1

Jun 05, 2020

It was hard to find a contractor before but, with COVID, its gotta be impossible!- Part 1

Finding a contractor you trust can be tough, finding one while also navigating COVID precautions can be tougher. Although the process can look a little different during these times, finding a company that is trusted, reliable, and recommended has never been more important. It consists of a few different steps, first, do your research. Right now, it’s easy to pick a contractor solely based on price. You don’t have to sit through the usual sales pitch, you don’t get to judge their professionalism, you may not even meet face to face. But just because you don’t have to interact with them now, doesn’t mean you won’t have to later. What if your job has extra wood costs? Or the job doesn’t look quite right to you? Or maybe you have the Niagara Falls of roof leaks in your kitchen?

These occurrences, and many more, are reasons why you still need a trustworthy contractor, even though you may have less face to face interaction. So, where do you start?


  • Read reviews! – Now more than ever, reviews are super important. You get to see how the company interacted with past customers. Look at positive reviews, but also read the negative ones to see how the company handles problems. You can find reviews on Google, Facebook, and Angie’s List. Some companies may even have their reviews linked to their website, but do realize that they can pick and choose which ones to highlight.
  • Look for a quality website! – Companies who have put time and effort into their website are typically much more professional than those with low quality websites, or no website at all!
  • Check to make sure they have an office! – You should be able to find an address from either their website, or your deep dive internet search. Type that address into Google maps, make sure it isn’t their home, or an empty lot, or an amusement park, or a library… It should be an office! Companies with offices are much more well established and professional.


If everything checks out, make an appointment for an estimate! We recommend having three companies estimate you project. During these times, appointments look a little different too. Check out part two, which will include our recommendations for handling appointments.