Install a Green Roof That Looks Great

Jan 19, 2017

Today, homeowners want to use sustainable, recyclable materials when they update and renovate their homes. Their desire for green roofing materials is no exception. Homeowners ask roofing professionals to install a variety of innovative roofing solutions and see mixed results both in performance and appearance.

If you want a traditional look on your roof but want to use sustainable materials to achieve that look, it’s completely possible. Here are some roofing solutions to consider.

Asphalt Roofs Have Inherent Green Benefits

Homeowners who choose standard asphalt shingles to cover the tops of their homes can feel a sense of green pride for a few reasons. For one thing, these shingles are readily available in most locations. They don’t require special order shipping but are routinely delivered in bulk. For this reason, the transport-related carbon footprint for standard asphalt shingles is lower.

If you want to replace your current roof or add a new one onto a newly constructed home, asphalt shingles allow you to make an environmental difference. Asphalt shingles are recyclable. The components are used to make roads and other roofing materials. Once your roof’s lifespan has ended, you can get a new asphalt roof installed without using additional, nonrenewable resources.

Likewise, you can easily make small repairs to your asphalt roof, reducing your overall need for new materials. By choosing asphalt, you can lower your impact on the environment. Most major metropolitan areas have shingle recycling programs available, so you should have easy access to recycling centers or recycled and repurposed asphalt products.

If you aren’t sure if your community participates in asphalt recycling, you can always speak to the municipalities or community leaders in your area to see which recycling programs you have access to.

However, conventional asphalt shingles last around 20 years at most. This short lifespan is one of their negatives in terms of sustainability. Luckily, there are enhanced asphalt products on the market that last longer than traditional shingles if you desire a longer lifespan for your new roof. Talk to your roofing contractor to learn more about enhanced asphalt shingles and products so you can make the most of your green roof.

Non-Traditional Materials Are Used in Traditional Shingles 

Recycled materials including rubber, fiber, and plastic are being used to make traditional-looking shingles. Some of the recycled materials used include scraps and waste products from other manufacturing processes. Some components used are post-consumer waste saved from landfills.

Most people can’t tell any difference between these green shingles and standard shingles. Shingles made from recycled materials can last as long as 50 years and many are recyclable once their lifespan is over.

Some of the newer shingles made with recycled materials offer great fire ratings, meaning they are less flammable than traditional shingles. This high fire rating may qualify you for discounts on your homeowner’s insurance.


If you want a new roof you can feel good about, call Advantage Roofing & Home Exteriors today. We’ll show you all of the options for a beautiful and sustainable roof. We have extensive experience working with many roofing types, but our specialty is in asphalt roofing materials.

Let us assist you with any roofing project, from simple repairs to total reroofing. We’ll walk you through every step of the process and offer expert advice in any situation, whether you need us to tell you what services will best benefit you or you would like us to help you pick the right asphalt shingles for your new roof. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us the instant you decide to change any aspect of your roof. We’ll send an expert contractor to your home for an evaluation.