How will I know when my roof needs replaced?

Aug 27, 2014

Hi There! Tim Mallory, owner of Advantage Roofing. We are a Cincinnati roofing company specializing in residential roofing. We get a lot of great questions from homeowners. We think that if one homeowner is asking the question, many more are thinking it. So we have decided to take these questions and answer them in our blog so we can share it with other homeowners.

Question: How will I know when my shingles/roof needs replaced?

A roof will start giving you clues when it gets close to the end of its usefulness. I’ve come up with a list of things to look at and give you an idea of the condition of your roof. However, getting on your roof can be very dangerous. We recommend using binoculars to assess your roof, the most important thing is to stay safe! Here are some tips:

  •  Check the downspouts. Granules will start accumulating where the water spills out of your downspout as the roof starts to deteriorate
  • What is the age of the roof? Most builder installed shingles need to be replaced within 15-18 years. If your roof was installed 15-18 years ago, you should get it inspected by a roofing contractor, there is a good chance it needs replaced.
  • Check the roof for visual signs (binoculars). A roof nearing the end of its usefulness will show signs of curling & unevenness. Missing shingles are a good sign the adhesive is starting to fail on your shingles. Also, cracked or torn shingles is a sign of a roof needing replaced.
  • Check out your attic during the next rain. Look for signs of water/dampness on the underside of the wood. Check the plumbing pipes, flue pipes, chimney flashings and ventilation for signs of water seeping through from inside your attic. Also, check for any sign of mold growth on the wood or insulation.
  • Have a reputable roofer inspect the roof. A good roofer will let you know how many years, if any, you have left in your shingles. If you have time left, set up a budget system so you are prepared for the inevitable process of roof replacement.


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