Do I have Hail Damage?

Apr 18, 2013

21We recently experienced a hail storm in the Cincinnati Tri-State area. This storm particularly affected the cities of Sharonville, Maineville and Blue Ash with large enough hail to cause roof damage. When a hail storm rolls through we receive a lot of questions from homeowners, wondering if they have hail damage and what should they do. Here is a good way to start the process of determining if you have hail damage.

STEP ONE: Assessment

  • LOOK for dents in metal. Look at metal roof flashings, aluminum gutters and trim, metal mail boxes, metal landscape lights, etc. If these items have dents or dings, the hail was probably big enough to cause shingle damage.
  • LOOK at where your downspouts drain out. Large hail will dislodge granules from your shingles. If there is a heavy deposit of shingle granules draining out of your downspout, you may have hail damage.
  • LOOK for missing shingle granules. When looking at your shingles, look for areas where the granules are missing. Feel for an indentation in the shingle. If there is one, the fiberglass mesh is fractured and will eventually cause a leak. You have roof hail damage.

STEP TWO: Take Action

The best thing to do is be proactive. Contact LOCAL roofing contractors with experience in hail inspections to look at your roof. They will be able to tell you if you have enough damage to contact your insurance company to make a claim.

If you would like to contact Advantage Roofing to set up a FREE Hail Damage Inspection, please call 513-Go-Roof-1 (467-6631) or visit our