Are references necessary?

Apr 08, 2013

Being in the roofing business for over 25 years, I have heard many horror stories from homeowners. Below is a true story from a homeowner our company has helped and shows how important references really are.

TRUE STORY: Contractor ‘A’ installed several roofs in Mr. Williams’ neighborhood. They were highly recommended by many of his neighbors and friends. Contractor ‘B’ had no local references to give Mr. Williams, but came with a cheaper price. Going against his better judgment and the recommendations of friends, Mr. Williams chose Contractor ‘B’. The problems soon began.

While Contractor ‘A’ installed most of the roofs in the neighborhood in 1-2 days, Contractor ‘B’ took over 3 weeks. During the first heavy rain, Mr. Williams started to discover leaks. He left many messages for Contractor ‘B’ before getting a return phone call. During the conversation, Contractor ‘B’ stated he was back home in Miami and was not going to travel back to service the roof. Out of frustration, Mr. Williams contacted Contractor ‘A’. After an inspection, Contractor ‘A’ explained they could correct the mistakes made by Contractor ‘B’ at a cost of $2,800.00. The final total after repair and installation was more than Contractor ‘A’s original quote for the roof replacement. What looked like, in the beginning, the biggest bargain became the most costly choice.

How Advantage Roofing is Different.

We have been honored by many homeowners in the Cincinnati Tri-State area, complimenting us with letters of approval and recommendation. We will gladly provide letters of recommendation, addresses of our prior work and references upon request.

*name of homeowner was changed