Do dark shingles make my house hotter?

Jul 17, 2012

Dark vs. Light Shingles

During the hot summer months we get many questions from homeowners about dark vs. light shingles. More specifically, “does a dark shingle make my house hotter and cause my air conditioner to run more often?”  The answer is no, not really.

When comparing a totally white shingle to a totally black shingle, the attic temperature may increase 8-10 degrees. However, when you get into the grays, browns and tans, there is only a 2-3 degree difference. Also, an 8 degree increase in attic temperature does not mean an 8 degree increase in your house.

Typically, a high increase in house temperature during a hot summer afternoon is a result of inadequate insulation, or ventilation, in the attic. The poor insulation can allow the attic heat to transfer into your home and poor ventilation can cause the heat to be trapped in your attic.

So when it comes to shingle color, we recommend our homeowners base their color choice on what complements their home, not attic temperature.  If you think you have an attic temperature problem, look to your insulation and ventilation.

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