How does hail damage my shingles?

Jun 13, 2011

A big hail storm hit south west of Dayton, OH on May 25, 2011. Centerville, Bellbrook and Kettering suffered considerable damage from the storm. Many homeowners have asked what hail does to damage their shingles.

Let’s start with how a shingle is made. A shingle starts with a fiberglass mat. The mat is impregnated on both sides by thick pliable asphalt. Then the top layer of asphalt has stone granules pressed into it. The granules give durability and protect the asphalt from damaging U.V. rays.

When hail stones get larger than an inch, damage occurs and two things happen. First, the granules become dislodged from the shingles. With the granules gone, the asphalt is exposed to the suns U.V. rays. This causes the asphalt to dry out and crack and will eventually cause a leak.

Second, damage occurs to the fiberglass mat. When large hail impacts shingles, it creates a break or fracture in the fiberglass mat. The broken/fractured mat will allow water to eventually leak through the roof. Hundreds of these breaks occur on your roof with hail damage.

The best thing to do is be proactive. Have a roofing contractor with experience in hail inspections look at your roof.  Because the storm was considered a catastrophe, putting in a claim will not go against you with your insurance company.  Many insurance companies will only allow a claim up to a year after the storm.

We will come out and inspect to see if you have shingle damage for FREE and advise if you should make a claim. There is no charge for an inspection or estimate.

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