Do my shingles have hail damage?

Jun 07, 2011

Since the big hail storm in Bellbrook and Kettering, many homeowners have asked how they can tell if their shingles have hail damage.  Here is a helpful guideline for a do-it-yourself inspection.

  • Evaluate the size of the hail stone.  Roof damage usually starts occurring with one inch hail. So if the hail that hit your home was larger than one inch, you probably have roof damage.
  • Look for is dents in metal.  Look at metal roof flashings, aluminum gutters and trim, metal mail boxes, metal landscape lights etc… If these have dents or dings, the hail was probably big enough to cause shingle damage.
  • Look at your downspouts. Large hail will dislodge granules from your shingles.  If there is a heavy deposit of shingle granules draining out of your downspout, you may have hail damage.
  • Look for missing granules. When you are looking at your shingles, look for areas where the granules are missing. Feel  for an indentation in the shingle. If there is an indentation, the fiberglass mesh is fractured and will eventually cause a leak. You have roof damage.

As a note, many cars in the area from the May 25th storm have been damaged by hail. If the hail was big enough to damage your car, it has definitely caused damage to your roof.

The best thing to do is be proactive. Have a roofing contractor with experience in hail inspections look at your roof.  Because the storm was considered a catastrophe, putting in a claim will not go against you with your insurance company.  Many insurance companies will only allow a claim up to a year after the storm.

We will come out and inspect to see if you have shingle damage for FREE and advise if you should make a claim. There is no charge for an inspection or estimate.

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