Hail Damage!! What should I do?

Jun 02, 2011

5Recent storms have damaged many roofs in the area. When this happens we get a lot of questions from homeowners about the severity of a hail storm and what it can do to their home.

Large hail damages shingles, which cause leaks into the attic, ceilings and walls. You may not be able to see shingle damage easily from the ground. When a storm happens, most insurance companies have a one year time limit on hail damage claims. Once expired, you may have to pay thousands out of pocket. Depending upon the size, roof replacements can be costly because of materials and labor required.

When selling your home, house inspectors will look for hail damage on your roof and water damage to the underlying structure. Also, look for other damage to your home from the hailstorm. Damage from hail can also be found on vinyl/aluminum siding, gutters & downspouts, screens, window glass and shutters.  So, why not have your home inspected to see if it’s covered?

It is highly recommended to have your roof evaluated by a trained inspector to assure any damage is identified and repaired.

We will come out and inspect to see if you have shingle damage for FREE and advise if you should make a claim. There is no charge for an inspection or estimate.

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