Impressive product helps prevent ice dams.

Feb 03, 2011

2Flo-Free Gutter Protection not only keeps you from cleaning your gutters ever again, but reduces the potential for ice dams.

The issue of ice damming comes up around this time every year. Ice damming is caused when the warm air in your attic starts melting the bottom layer of snow on your roof. As this water drains to the gutter, there is no more heat source and the water re-freezes, creating an ice build-up in your gutter. This ice build-up will push water up under the shingles and can cause major staining and damage to the inside of your home. The added weight of the ice in your gutters can cause loosening of the hangers/fasteners and could result in having the gutters detach from your home.

Although the best prevention is to install ice and water shield underneath the shingles, an alternative option to lessen the impact of ice damming is Flo-Free Gutter Protection.

Not only is Flo-free an excellent leaf protection system, it’s design prevents snow from entering the gutter reducing the potential of ice damming and icicles. Also, the manufacturer blends a black carbon into the product allowing it to melt surface snow and ice quickly.  This allows any melting water to quickly drain through your gutter system reducing the build-up of ice.

We have investigated and used many different gutter protection products over the years and Flo-Free Gutter Protection out performs all other gutter protection systems, making it the best option available. If you would like more information about Flo-Free Gutter Protection Systems contact our office for a free brochure and/or estimate.

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