What Are Luxury Shingles?

What Are Luxury Shingles?If you’ve never replaced the roof of your home before or it’s been quite a few years since you did, you may be amazed by the many options on the market. Asphalt roofing in particular has come a long way in recent years with improvements not only in performance and weather resistance but also in appearance. As the shingles will be the most defining component of your new roof, it’s a good idea to learn about the basic types of asphalt shingles that are available. That way, you’ll be better prepared to discuss your preferences with your prospective roofing contractor.

We’ll start by discussing luxury shingles. As the name suggests, these are top-of-the-line shingles that outclass lesser grades of shingles in pretty much every category. If you’re driving along a residential street and find your eyes drawn to a roof that exudes an exceptionally lustrous color and 3-D appearance, it’s probably covered in luxury shingles. These premium shingles are typically thicker and heavier than ordinary asphalt shingles, and the randomly placed tabs produce shadow lines that add depth and dimension, thus creating the distinctive “old-world” visual effect that’s characteristic of authentic slate or wood shake roofing.

This take-notice appearance is undoubtedly a driving force behind the growing popularity of luxury asphalt shingles, but it’s by no means the only reason why homeowners invest in them. For example, take the luxury shingles manufactured by CertainTeed. These shingles offer enhanced resistance to algae staining and damage from fire, strong winds, and hail and are backed by a lifetime, limited transferable warranty.

Dimensional Shingles

Also known as laminated or architectural shingles, these shingles are an excellent choice for homeowners who like the dimensional look and rich color of luxury shingles but are looking for a more affordable roofing option. CertainTeed’s Landmark® PRO line of shingles is an excellent example, and one of the most popular asphalt roofing choices among homeowners and contractors alike. In addition to being a heavier and more dimensional option than ordinary shingles, Landmark® PRO shingles have the advantage of offering the manufacturer’s Max Def technology for eye-catching colors that stand the test of time.

3-Tab or Strip Shingles

These are the original and most basic type of shingles. The name “3-tab” comes from the cut of the shingle. Unlike dimensional shingles, strip shingles are installed in a single layer, which leads to a flat appearance. This is a budget-friendly roofing choice for homeowners, but CertainTeed strip shingles come with an extra-strong fiberglass base and exceptional impact resistance for their class.

If you live in the Cincinnati area and you’re planning to replace your roof, the experts at Advantage Roofing will be happy to discuss the options and guide you toward roofing shingles that you’ll be delighted with for years to come. We’re proud to be a CertainTeed ShingleMaster™ roofing company, which means we’ve demonstrated our extensive knowledge of this leading manufacturer’s residential roofing products. We can take a look at the existing roof of your home, discuss the advantages of luxury versus dimensional shingles, and provide you with a reliable estimate. Once you’ve made up your mind which roofing shingles are right for you, we’ll follow up with expert installation services that are backed by an impressive labor warranty in addition to the industry-leading product warranties you’ll receive from the manufacturer.

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