How to Choose a Professional Roofing Contractor

How to choose a professional roof contractor

A roof is your home's #1 protection against the elements. Choosing the right contractor can mean the difference between 30 years of carefree use, or continuous out of pocket repairs every time the wind blows.  Let us tell you why we are Cincinnati's Trusted, Reliable, and Recommended roofing company.

A Workmanship Warranty

A Workmanship Warranty 

The most important paper to get from a Contractor is a written workmanship warranty certificate. This warranty is what covers YOU from the possible errors your contractor may make during the installation. The certificate should have your name and address, dates of warranty coverage, and a description of what the warranty covers.

Our warranty not only covers the workmanship for the lifetime of the shingle, but also any interior damage that may occur due to a possible installation error. If you sell your home within the first 10 years of the roof installation, our workmanship warranty transfers to the new owner, 100%.

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