Is It Time for A New Roof in Mount Lookout, OH? 

You want your roof to be strong and sturdy, capable of withstanding time and weather. So, when it starts to show signs of damage or deterioration, it’s worth considering whether you need a new roof. For homeowners in Mount Lookout, Ohio, Advantage Roofing provides expert, reputable services, including inspection, repair, and roof replacement. 

A roof is typically built to last 20 or 25 years. If your roof is over a decade old, or if you’re concerned about its quality, here’s what to look out for. 

Damaged or Missing Shingles 

Shingles provide a robust shelter from the elements, so when they start to wear down, that’s a concern. Look out for shingles that are buckling, damaged, deteriorating, or missing altogether. Another sign is any shingle flakes in your gutters—which means your shingles are degrading. 

Replacing shingles may require a new roof, depending on your situation. When in doubt, we always recommend our trusted roof inspection services in Mount Lookout, OH for an honest assessment.  

Deteriorating Roof Valleys or Flashing 

Two crucial roof features are roof valleys and flashing, which help to channel water away from vulnerable areas of the roof. Roof valleys are the angled areas where two roof sections come together, while flashing can be found near valleys, chimneys, and vents.

If these features are in poor shape, whether they’re missing or damaged, this can pose a huge risk for water entry into your home. 

Consult Advantage Roofing Today 

It’s important to be certain about the state of your roof, which is why we encourage you to contact Advantage Roofing if you think you need a new roof. With roof inspection services in Mount Lookout, OH, we can expertly assess your roofing system and provide our honest input about next steps. Contact us today!

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