Exceptional Roofing Solutions with CertainTeed Shingles in Lawrenceburg, OH 

Seeking a roof that combines strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal? Look no further than Advantage Roofing, your trusted roofing company offering CertainTeed Shingles in Lawrenceburg, Ohio. 

From the initial selection to final installation, we provide a seamless experience for homeowners, emphasizing craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and consistently reliable results. As a certified CertainTeed ShingleMaster™, our company is dedicated to delivering a level of quality you can rely on with confidence. 

CertainTeed Shingles Deliver Unmatched Performance 

At Advantage Roofing, we prioritize the longevity of your roof. That’s why we exclusively utilize CertainTeed Shingles, known and trusted for their exceptional strength and superior performance. We offer a wide range of styles and options allowing you to choose options that compliment your home’s exterior.  

As a leading roofing manufacturer, CertainTeed provides robust asphalt shingles with a fiberglass base, resistant to weather, color fading, and common wear and tear. This surpasses the standards found in typical big box stores and is seamlessly installed by our experienced experts. 

Our commitment to quality is evident throughout the installation process—we conduct inspections to ensure the work meets our rigorous standards. Additionally, a second inspection is performed after a year to confirm your roof continues to meet its demands. This commitment is backed by the robust warranty from CertainTeed, complemented by our own labor warranty. 

Get Started Choosing a New Roof with Advantage Roofing 

For a lasting roof, choose CertainTeed Shingles. To discover more about the exceptional benefits of CertainTeed or to discuss your specific roofing needs, we invite homeowners in Lawrenceburg, OH, to reach out to Advantage Roofing today. Your reliable partner in roofing excellence awaits. 

“You and your crew did a great job! Your team was very professional & responsive to the customer’s needs even after the job is done & payment is made. Very refreshing & rare these days to find a company & owner that deliver great quality & customer service at a fair price. Outstanding from start to finish!”

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“Your team amazed me with the work they completed on my roof. They showed up early in the morning, were gone before lunch, and left no evidence they had even been at the house, with the exception of a new roof! Thank you again for making the process of getting a new roof as easy and smooth as possible.”

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