Our Team


Tim Mallory


Tim has a keen eye for recognizing talents and abilities in people, and understands the integrity behind customer and business relationships. There’s no doubt Tim is ambitious – he once ran a half marathon in just 1 hour and 49 minutes!


Emily Moore


Don’t let her Accounting degree fool you! Emily is a firecracker, who enjoys playing outside, reading, writing and arguing all things Freedom-related. She’s a Game of Thrones enthusiast, who believes Bill Murray is a modern genius.


Jonna Mallory Gladwell

Office & Marketing Manager

Jonna holds the reins to the company, managing everything from marketing to operations and processes. She is a born leader with inspiring independence. In the past eight years, she’s traveled fourteen countries, including Guatemala, India and Italy.


Dawn Bruner

Executive Assistant

Dawn has enjoyed great career opportunities over the years, allowing her to master her role within our team. But, that’s not the only thing Dawn’s mastered – she is also a classically trained singer specializing in jazz and blues.


Jeff Stidham

Production Manager

Jeff is an expert in all things roof, working his way up in the industry from laborer to production manager. And, believe it or not, Jeff is afraid of heights – even after 22 years!


Tracy Ankrom

Repair Specialist

Tracy didn’t discover his passion for the construction industry until some years after graduating with a degree in Business Administration. He moved to the Cincinnati area in 1991, and admits he’s been a 3-way enthusiast ever since!


Scott Gay

Project Manager

Scott is a man of all trades. He boasts a degree in Web Design, with a specialization in overall customer satisfaction. And, while he’s held four investment licenses over the years, he is also a skilled outdoors man.


Tom Biddle

Project Manager

While Tom is an expert at settling damage claims with insurance companies, out of the office, you can catch him hanging out with his three daughters and grandson, or tending to his 15 pets, which include donkeys, chickens, dogs and cats.


Delaney Mallory

Marketing Assistant

Delaney is currently studying Biology at Xavier University, and plans to get into the medical field after graduation. She brings a fresh attitude to our team, with great eagerness to learn and help out.